ABM Specific Documents

Introduction to Advanced Business Manager , some tips, tricks and documentation to help our valued customers.

Who is ABM?

Advanced Business Manager is an Australian accounting and business management software that makes managing every aspect of your business a breeze.

ABM has built an all-encompassing business management solution that is adaptable to your specific needs and has been designed to be as automated as possible, reducing time spent on manual tasks and data entry.

No matter if you are big or small, complex, or simple. The solution should fit around you, not the other way around.

Advanced Business Manager is based in Melbourne, Australia and services all states and regions as well as New Zealand and Ireland.

Accounting System

Accounting, Cashbook, Payables and Receivables, etc.

Inventory Management

Warehousing, Locations, Cost Accounting, etc.

Project and Job Costing

Job Management, Times and Materials, Sub Contrators, etc.

Much More

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Full inventory visibility with Advanced Business Manager

ABM's Warehousing module provides logical control and organisation of stock, allowing users to create a hierarchal structure in each warehouse with multiple aisles, levels, etc. and a waiting area for goods not yet put away. The module uses "bins" to organise and group stock depending on the user's grouping method, location, level or stage.


 Visual control

Visual representation of the warehouse structure allows users to easily organise and find stock through point-click operation and fast search facilities.

Multi-layered stock structure

The hierarchal structure allows the user to drill down through as many sub-headings as desired to organise stock as needed. Multiple products can then be stored per “bin” and multiple “bins” can be used per product with serial and lot numbers assigned to products.

Unique stock handling

Effectively handle consignment and bonded goods, as well as place weight or capacity limits and reservations on “bins” as required.

Transfers and stock movements

After initially receiving stock, transfers from one location to another within the warehouse or to another warehouse is easily made within the system. Organise stock to adapt to your changing environments or stock requests.

Real Time Inventory Scanning

ASPluris and Advanced Business Manager

Using either handheld scanners or Vehicle Mounted Unit (VMU) to transact in ABM real time is a breeze, just point and scan and the inventory is validated and updated. 

ASPluris supports ABM Pick and Pack, Deliveries, Receive and Put Away, Stocktakes, stock transfers and much more.