Tired of spending unnecessary hours meticulously going over your timesheets? Dexpay could be the solution for you. Dexpay is the Summer Technology licensed version of Keypay, an all-in-one payroll solution.


Have you ever felt limited by your payroll system? With Dexpay, you can account for a variety of work scenarios, such as changing shifts, shift locations, multiple shifts a day, overtime, and difference between scheduled hours and actual hours worked. Whatever your business needs, Dexpay has the solution.

Dexpay offers multiple timekeeping solutions, including:

  • Clock Me In app
  • Employee Portal
  • Web Kiosk
  • Workzone app
  • Timesheet Import capabilities
  • Manager permissions for timesheets

Pay Conditions

Rather than having to manually input all of your pay rules for each employee every time you do your payroll, Dexpay allows you to automate these conditions to make payday as quick and easy as possible. Pay rules that can be automated include:

  • Pay rates (penalty rates, age brackets, employment type, etc.)
  • Pay conditions (overtime, public holidays, etc.)
  • Employee leave (entitlements, accrural, long service leave)
  • Superannuation
  • Automatic pay increases for age/status changes
  • Automatic updates to Award conditions

To see if Dexpay is right for you, contact us today, or try our free trial