ASPluris with Advanced Business Manager


The need for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] or Warehouse Management System [WMS] with Mobility has become paramount in realising productivity and efficiency gains in today’s competitive business environment, this is where ASPluris and ABM come together to fill this gap in the SMB (Small/Medium Businesses) market.

To maximise the return on investment (ROI) of modular, scalable and mobile IT infrastructure, a business process and people centric approach is required in bridging the gap between people, process and technology.

ASPluris addresses these very complex issues and will improve your organisation’s bottom line. Using Casio scanners ASPluris has developed sophisticated systems fully integrated with ABM enabling the ability to perform many dispatch and receiving functions while on the move.

The ASPluris mobile supply chain management system integrates directly to the ABM core accounting system, ensuring real-time visibility across the entire system.

ASPluris services a number of markets from warehousing, logistics and supply chain through to manufacturing, engineering, 3PL, construction and contracting through a number of flexible modules that range from dispatch, receiving and transfer of stock to stocktake and stock adjustment.


  • Accurate real-time inventory visibility and processing
  • Ability to monitor staff KPIs such as time taken to pick
  • Elimination of picking errors
  • Reduced time for order picking , stocktake and other processes
  • Scalable and modular
  • Fast ROI


  • Ability to scan multiple pack size barcodes per product
  • Perform accurate stocktakes
  • Multiple location and warehouse inventory management
  • Pallet and/or carton label printing including SSCC labels
  • Date and batch code controlled inventory rotation
  • Volumetric Packing and freight Information

Available Modules:

  • Dispatch
  • Consolidation (Multi Order picking)
  • Pick & Pack
  • Scan Pack
  • Receive
  • Put Away
  • Store Pallets
  • Purchase Shipment
  • Replenish (Stock transfer)
  • Label Printing
  • Transfer
  • All from a Location
  • Individual Items
  • Stocktake

For enquiries, please give Summer Techology a call on 1300 599 883 or drop us an email (use the contact us tab).


ABM/ASPluris Reference Page

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