Offsite Backup

  • The size of the data to backup and how much does it change daily.
  • The upload speed (not download) of your Internet connection
  • The monthly bandwidth limit of your ISP contract.
  • Whether you want all your data backed up everyday or maybe the most important (SQL database, Exchange, etc.)

Using Portable Devices: Be it the old fashion tapes, portable disks, RDX or USB sticks, portable media devices require a designated individual to take them offsite every day and store them somewhere safe. Leaving them in the purse or in the car under extreme sun heat will render them useless as if no backup was ever performed!

Another element to consider when choosing between the Cloud backup and Portable devices is the budget allocated. The portable media backup is a once-off investment with no recurring cost (unless a disk/tape needs replacing), the Cloud Backup is a recurring cost that is linked to the size of the data being backed up.

Drop us a line to discuss your needs and we will work with you through all the constraints to get the best solution to your Backup and Disaster Recovery process.

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