Software Development

We recognise that no two companies' needs are the same and we provide the right customised solution accordingly.

For companies looking for solutions that can meet their unique needs, Summer Technology provides purpose built custom solutions to meet such needs. Such unique needs could span from IT-enabling paper-based inventory management to integration of data among multiple in-house applications.

We recognise that no two companies' needs are the same and as such, custom solutions are "tailor-made" to solve the challenges you are facing. As businesses change, software solutions should be able to change and grow to stay relevant and cater for new business needs and processes. Unfortunately this is not always possible or usually just very costly. The flexibility within software systems is arguably one of the biggest challenges facing future systems.

Summer Technology can assess and define the Customer’s needs and meet them in cost effective and timely manner. These design phases include:

  • Analysis - What is required of the system, a full requirement scope is approved by the Customer.
  • Design - Creating a system that satisfies all of the requirements.
  • Implementation - Integration of the system into an organisation.
  • Maintenance - Additions and modifications to the software.

We work closely with our clients through each phase of the development process, insuring that the end result is perfectly suited to their specific requirements.

Whether your company requires a customer solution using Microsoft Office suite, such as Excel, or build a full database application specific to your industry or unique to your company, Summer Technology has the expertise and the resources to help you through the full product cycle.

For an obligation free consultation drop us a line on 1300 599 883 or email us at

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