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ASPluris with Advanced Business Manager

ASPluris: BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN PEOPLE, PROCESS AND TECHNOLOGY: The need for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] or Warehouse Management System [WMS] with Mobility has become paramount in realising productivity and efficiency gains in today’s competitive business environment, this is where ASPluris and ABM come together to fill this gap in the SMB (Small/Medium Businesses) market.…
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Ransomware and how to prevent it !

Ransomware is a type of malware that has become a significant threat businesses and individuals during the past year. Most of the current ransomware variants encrypt files on the infected system/network (crypto ransomware), although a few variants are known to erase files or block access to the system using other methods (locker ransomware). Once a…
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Advanced Business Manager – Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions for an Evolving World. Advanced Business Manager (ABM) has been designed and developed by accountants to create the next generation of accounting software for progressive businesses. Building on the past principles of accounting software and paying close attention to the demands of today’s business environment, we have created an innovative accounting and business…
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